Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today I am working on cards for project Sunshine and Smiles!   So, I thought why not play with and learn Smiley Cards.   There are so many cute cuts on this cartridge.   I've made a few of the snowmen and you will have to come back for the Christmas in July blog hop to see how cute he is and have a chance to win a set of gift tags.

This is the first card.   A really cute angel smiley face.

I cut these pretty big because I wanted it to cover a large portion of the card and I need the cards to be quick and easy because Erica's goal for Sunshine and Smiles is 5000 cards.   It doesn't show up very well but I used Folk Art Metallic Pearl White on the wings and halo.   I just poured some on my sheet of parchment paper and painted it on with a makeup sponge.  The glittery wings are done the same way but with silver Folk Art Extreme Glitter paint.   I used metallic Jelly Roll Gel pens and markers to add some faux stitching.   I still need to find a sentiment for these cards.

I'm not happy with how the following 2 cards turned out.  But here they are.   They aren't awful, I just don't like them at all and I really don't know what I could do to make them better.   Would really appreciate some pointers, tips or ideas for next time.

And finally, a Cowboy card.   I'm not really a fan of the western/country/cowboy thing, well unless Kid Rock is singing Cowboy, then I like it but I do like how this card turned out!

If you would like to make cards for Project Sunshine and Smiles please see My Cricut Craft Room for more details.

I love comments and really do want suggestion or tips because this is something I really struggle with in card making!


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