Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec 9th

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For today's project I made my grandson a backpack.   I remembered I had this pattern, no idea where I got it from, I might have actually copied it from something my stepdaughter had.  I looked all over the net trying to find the pattern and I cannot find it.  There are a ton of free patterns out there and a couple that are similar to this style.  Sewing was probably my first real craft.   I used to play with my mom's machine making Barbie Doll clothes from fabric scraps.   So, from my perspective, this was a very simple back pack to make.  If you sew and can put in a zipper you can do this.  

I used the dog from Boys Will Be Boys (shadow) and cut at 6.931 x 5.875.  I used the deep cut blade set at 6, multi cut 2, pressure 5 and speed 1.  The fabric is a fake suede scrap I had left over from a Halloween costume.   After ironing the fabric to the Heat and Bond and then the denim, it really feels like suede.   I was really worried that this fabric would not cut well, but it cut great.   To make the mouth and nose I played with the sizing of the dog in CCR to make the heads a similar size and then cut in paper and used it as a pattern to cut the nose, trace the mouth and placement for eyes.  I added the brown fake suede nose with embroidery thread and then sewed and glued on button eyes and made the mouth and then thought what the heck sew around the whole thing, that way it will hold up better.   It probably would have been fine without the hand stitching.   I then sewed the backpack together.  Much better than the bib I thought I was going to make.  I think this little dog would also be cute on a sweatshirt.  I would probably machine stitch around him if I were to do that.

Here it is with the books ready to put in and be wrapped for Christmas.  If you have not heard of Mo Willems, I very highly recommend his books.   The first book of his that I picked up was We Are In a Book and had to have it and it is staying at grandma's.  Very cute books but I still love Dr. Seuss too!

Hope I have inspired you to try something new or different with your Cricut machine.



Doris P. said...

so love his backpack. LOVE personalized items made for someone's likes :)

Tonya said...

What a great gift. It's so cute.


Bobby said...

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